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About us ・Student service

Greetings from the school president


We usually have students from over 20 different nationalities. 

Students have different reasons for learning Japanese. Some want to enter Japanese universities, others are fascinated by our country's culture, while others moved here and need language skills for their everyday life. 

When a student joins us, they take a placement test as well as an interview. We then place students in one of ten different levels, which ensures they get instruction at the appropriate level. 

Our faculty have excellent teaching skills, and we pride ourselves of being able to tailor the curriculum to the needs of our students. 

We also have several activities to introduce students to the culture of Japan. Some of our outings include karate, kendo, judo, or visiting a sumo stable. 

We put every effort to make your stay in Japan enjoyable, and hope that you will make many Japanese and international friends. 

Whether it is academic or daily life matters, we are always available for you.

Hidefumi Asakawa School President

Student's Country of origin

China France Thailand Sweden Korea
USA Norwey Vietnam Italy Canada
Mexico Germany England Spain Burma
Philippines India Uzbekistan Taiwan Finland
Denmark Nepal Bangladesh Mongol Saudi Arabia
Israel Switzerland Netherlands Indonesia Sri Lanka


School activities

Visiting a sumo stable, learning the basics of kendo, trying traditional clothing or parties with Japanese students are some of the activities we offer our students to enrich their experience.

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Scholarships are for students on a student visa staying with us for more than six months. They are awarded based on merit and performance. 

Partial scholarship

3-4 students. Monthly payments of 30,000 yen for one year.

Lee Soohyun scholarship 

For one student, one payment of 100,000 yen

Part-time work

Students on a student visa can obtain a work permit from the immigration bureau that allows them to work up to 28 hours per week. We can assist students with information on how to look for work, writing a CV, interview etiquette, etc.

Certificate of Completion ・Awards

At our graduation ceremony, we present students with superior results a recognition award.

Higher education

Our faculty can help students select an appropriate school, prepare entrance exams, interview etiquette, essay writing, etc. 

We also arrange for information sessions with representatives from Japanese universities and technical colleges.

Universities our students have been accepted to

Public universities 
(including graduate school)
Private Universities
(including graduate school)
Technical schools
Tokyo University
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Tokyo University of Arts
Yokohama National University
Saitama University
Chiba University
Tokyo Metropolitan University
University of Shizuoka etc.
Waseda University
Meiji University
Nihon University
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Daito Bunka University
Reitaku University
Takushoku University
Mejiro University etc.
Japan Electronics College
Tokyo Industrial College
International College of Tourism
Tokyo International Business College
Act business school
Japan College of Foreign Languages
Tokyo Digital Technical College etc.