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Adachi Education Group

 Introduction of Adachi Education Group

From Tokyo (Tokyo Designer Gakuin, Tokyo Visual Arts, Tokyo School of Business, Tokyo Institute of Tourism, Tokyo Net Wave) to Osaka, Nagoya and Kyushu, Adachi Education Group has a total of 17 technical schools all over the country. It is well known among the colleges for its long history with many  graduates who are currently pursuing their dreams.

Plenty of chances to feel the Japanese culture as well as a variety of professional experience!

Making the best use of being a part of Adachi Education Group which have various specialized course, our school offers the tuition program that can not be found in other schools, such as a variety of professional experience and lots of exchange with Japanese students.

Here is the course where you can get professional experience

Internal advancement to the Group's colleges system

Should you enter one of Adachi Education Group's colleges after finishing the Japanese study at System Toyo Gaigo, you can apply for the special scholarship system for international students (300,000 yen exempted from the tuition fee over 2 years) as well as having the application fee exempted. You can also choose the school from different locations, like Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Fields of study

Design Anime, Game,CG, Manga, Interior, Architecture, Fashion, Make-up
Entertainment and CreativePhotography, Broadcasting, Movie, Visual, Special effects make-up, Publishing, Music, Concert, Public Entertainments, Voice acting
Business Business management, IT, Foreign trade, Custom officer, Marketing, Mass Communication, Finance, Pet, Flower, Sports
Tourism serviceTourism, Hotel, Travel, Airline, Bridal, Interpreting, Café

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Access to the large recruitment information of the colleges which exceeds 4,000 cases!

We can also help those who have already graduated from university in their countries to find employment. You have access to the large recruitment information that no other Japanese school has. The record for graduates in March 2015 is 4,096 cases of employment. Those who graduated from high school can also find employment in various fields if they go to college in Japan and obtain the Diploma.