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Applicants for student visa

We can sponsor students for a student visa of from 6 months up to two years.

School calendar

Start-dates and application periods
April (1-2 years course) Between Sept 1 to Oct 31, of the preceding year
July (1 year and 9 months course)(21 months) Between Dec 10 to Feb 10 of the preceding year
October (1 year and 6 months course) (18 months) Between Mar 10 to May 10 of the same year

Application process

  ■・・・Steps applicants need to follow  ■・・・School's responsibility

① Fill out the inquiry and send it to us
② After confirming the contents of the form, we will send a reply
③ Submit a written application (please submit the application during the appropriate application period)
④ Confirm application is in order
⑤ Pay the application fee
⑥ Submit the student's information to the Tokyo immigration bureau to obtain a certificate of eligibility (necessary to obtain a student visa)
⑦ Return to the student the results of the application for a certificate of eligibility
⑧ Pay enrollment and tuition fees
⑨ Send the student their certificate of eligibility
⑩ Apply for a visa at the closest Japanese consulate
⑪ Arrive in Japan after obtaining a visa

Once a student is approved for eligibility by the immigration bureau, it takes about 4-6 months from the moment of application to starting classes.

Tuition fee

the first payment (including the tuition for 6 months)
Application fee25,000yen
Enrollment fee63,000yen
Facility fee25,000yen
Tuition (6months) (※)312,000yen
Student insurance10,000yen

Since teaching materials costs are included in the tuition fee and might vary depending of the course, we will refund/claim the difference accordingly.
(※)Students from Mongolia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are required to pay for one full year of tuition (Total 777,000 yen).

Total fees for the entire period
6months 1year 1year 6months 1year 9months 2years
465,000yen 777,000yen 1,094,800yen 1,254,100yen 1,411,000yen
1year 6months1,094,800yen
1year 9months1,254,100yen

Necessary documents

1.Application form and CV Download
▶︎PDF ▶︎word
2. Original certificate of graduation from the last school attended (will be returned)
3. Original transcript from the last school attended
4. If student has passed the Japanese language proficiency test N5 or above, or some other Japanese language examination, please send us the documentation.
5. Eight photos taken within the last three months (4x3cm)
6. Proof of funds, consisting of
a. Bank statement of the person who will cover the expenses
b. Complete finances form Download
▶︎PDF ▶︎word
c. Certificate of employment
d. Proof of income for the last three years
e. Explanation of the relationship between the applicant and the person covering the expenses (i.e. family registry)

* Requirements may vary by nationality, so please be sure to confirm with us when preparing your application.

Applicants who have other type of visa ▶︎ その他のビザをお持ちの方 Applicants who have other type of visa ▶︎ その他のビザをお持ちの方