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Short-term summer course is open for application

* Time: From 24/7/2017 (Mon) to 4/8/2017 (Fri)

* Fee: 65,000 JPY

The fee above includes: Japanese language tuition fee, material fee, school event fee.

※ Other actual fees (such as travel expenses, living cost, transport expenses) shall be paid by applicant themself.

※ Once the participation cost is paid, cancellation or refund is impossible.

* Participation requirements

 ① Applicant must have graduated from high school or higher
 ② Applicant must be qualified to apply for the short-term visa to Japan
 Link:Exemption of Visa (Short-Term Stay)

* Number of participants: From 2 people〜

* Necessary documents

 ① Application form (with a 4x3 photo) 

 ② Passport copy (the page with passport number)

* Application method

 Please send a mail to this address: takahashi@systemtoyo.com

* Deadlines for application and participation fee payment

 Those who wish to have their accommodation introduced:
  Application June 12th (Mon) / Payment June 16th (Fri)

 Those who search for their accommodation by themselves:
  Application July 4th (Mon) / Payment July 7th (Fri)

* Contact


How about spending your summer in Japan? We are waiting for your application!