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What our students say

Ya Min/Myanmar

How I study Japanese I am studying Japanese language at System Toyo Gaigo. At home I usually review what I learned at school, like grammar, vocabulary and Kanji because they are very difficult to memorize. Once a week there are Kanji and grammar tests after the lessons. Sometimes I think it is difficult but thanks to the tests my level is improving. The teachers are very friendly and polite. In the class there are students from many different countries who all try their hardest with study. I can get to know students from many different countries and it is fun to learn Japanese at this school.


Why I chose to study Japanese When I was a child, when watching Japanese TV shows I saw the beauty of the cherry blossoms. Since then I`ve had a keen interest in Japan and for many years I thought about when I would go. During university I studied Japanese for 3 months. At that time I became fascinated with Japanese and it was fun studying everyday. After graduating university I wanted to continue and it was my dream to come to Japan. Now I`m an international student and everyday it`s like my dream. I`ve been a student for a year and a half and it was challenging but thanks to the teachers my Japanese has improved a lot. I am very grateful.


My favorite place in Japan I`ve been in Japan for more than a year. I`ve been to many places but the most impressive is the Izu Peninsula. It`s about 100km southeast of Tokyo with white sand beaches and a turquoise sea. According to many Japanese, Izu`s water quality is the second best in the country. When I went, the scenery was amazing and my spirit felt refreshed. I didn`t know that such a beautiful place as this existed so close to Tokyo until I saw it with my own eyes. You can go snorkeling and see many colorful fish so if you are in Japan and have the chance, please visit and see for yourself.


The most impressive thing about Japan Japan is known internationally as a country with well-mannered, hard working people. This is definitely not just a stereotype, but a fact. I personally enjoy this atmosphere of seriousness towards work and the respect and goodwill towards other people. This doesn`t mean, like some people seem to think, that Japanese people don`t have fun or are cold - they do their best to enjoy their free time. And although they usually don`t express their emotions the way Westerners do, I wouldn`t say they are cold, they just prefer to be reserved. Japanese people also tend to think of the group they belong to rather than being selfish, which in the eyes of a Westerner like me, is a very good thing. In conclusion, living in Japan has helped me reconsider many things about human relationships and I would recommend to anyone to stay in Japan for a while and live among this unique people.


The most fun event in Japan In March I went to a cherry blossom viewing party in Ueno. The weather was excellent and there were many people in Ueno Park to see the blossoms. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and were beautiful. I met up with my friends  and we took food and drinks with us, talking all the time. Everyone looked so happy. Cherry blossoms symbolize the spirit of the Japanese people, beauty is short-lived but brilliant. I want my life to be like the cherry blossoms. People are short-lived but we don`t need to live ordinary lives. While viewing the cherry blossoms, I thought that I wanted to become of value to society. Japanese people`s diligent nature is the most important thing I want to learn while I`m a student.


About life in Japan  There are many interesting things about my life in Tokyo. For example, when I first arrived here I was surprised about the many differences in food culture. There are many places to see in Tokyo and I think it`s an easy place to live in. At System Toyo Gaigo, I have made friends from many different countries and made many wonderful memories. I have been in Japan for a year and a half but studying at the school, going out with friends, having a part-time job and enjoying everyday has made me feel like I only just arrived here. At first, coming to Japan was difficult but my Japanese has gotten better and everyday is a lot of fun.